You are the Architect of Your Big Vision

You are the Architect of Your Big Vision

Purposely bringing your dreams alive

You have some big dreams inside you waiting to be developed and, set free! Whether you have ideas for advancing – or changing the course of your career, or purely self-improvement, I respect that your dreams are individual, and personal to you:

  • Perhaps you’ve always wanted to quit your job and return to school to train for another career?
  • Maybe you’ve been sitting on a business plan for years, but for some reason, you have been unable to bring yourself to show it to anyone?
  • Even if you are checking off things on your bucket list, your choices do affect how you develop your life strategy.

I challenge you to take even one action step in the forward direction of your dreams – rise up; play and dream bigger!


Elements directly influencing your results objective

As the architect of your life’s vision, how you choose to build your life, will reveal itself in the end.  The following elements have a direct influence on how, your life will turn out:

  • Having a clear understanding of where you want to end up
    • Failure oriented: ‘wishing’ for greatness to pop into your life!
    • Success oriented: being pro-active, diligent, resilient and committed
  • Deciding who you’re going to be in your life
    • Purpose with clarity.
    • Decisive intention.
  • Intentionally, daily focus
    • Including controlling appropriate boundaries re: ‘other’s urges’ or needs.
  • Owning a clear cut, blue-print design for how you will handle life’s interruptions
    • Sustaining ‘Victor Attitude’ when dealing with defeats, setbacks and/or trials.
    • Gratitude for lessons learned.
    • Remembering those who helped you get overcome trials, etc.
    • Rejecting a ‘mediocre attitude’.


The average person only uses 11% of their potential

You are destined for greatness, never mediocrity! Amplify your ambitions.  Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t told more people about your dreams, or gave full effort to make them come to life?  

Perhaps it’s been an issue of time or real life, daily commitments:

  • Have children, career, paying bills, or general responsibilities gotten in the way?
  • Is it possible that you’re afraid that those around you will laugh at what they believe to be a ‘pipe dream’ or passing fancy?
  • Are you carrying ‘emotional baggage’ causing you to feel stuck, or just not good enough?
  • Is resentment or un-forgiveness directed at you, or someone else weighing you down?


The solution is within you

If you answered “Yes to any one of the above questions, I want to share with you “Fear not”; the solution IS within in you.  I know how to help you burst through and beyond the obstacle or hindrance.  I am ready to help you:

  • Obtain clarity in planning your blueprint (plan) for your success story.
  • Change the trajectory of your plan as needed.
  • ‘Super-Size your Vision’.
  • Envision ‘end result’ in your subconscious mind, BEFORE it’s achieved.
  • Expect your story to generate!


The Key is to prevent getting stuck in your thinking

FACT: To reach your success potential, you must take the limits off your thinking.  I also add here > although life at times seems to interrupt us, we all need to take the limits off God!  He is the one that generated your desires and plans waiting for you to realize them.

Your mind is the place in life where you lose your joy and your motivation.  Thoughts you consistently mentally replay and words routinely flowing from your tongue, easily become hindrances or value to your success accomplishments. 


What’s your “inner critic” saying to you habitually?

I teach my clients how to stop internal frustration caused from their inner critic; the silent contradictory conversations that cause self-doubt.  It might even sound like: “You know you have tried many times, why bother?  It’s not going to happen so just give up”. 

That ‘ego bruising’ is a fast track to ‘delay or stay procrastination’.  The example below easily represents your ego.  Imagine a child holding a red balloon filled with helium > that’s tied to a long string. 

  • Imagine there is so much helium (ego puffed up) that if the child let go, it would float up into the air.  
  • The next day the size of the balloon gets smaller; and in a few days, it’s pretty deflated (ego deflation).

In life, every time you get stressed or your ego gets bruised, it causes you to feel ‘less than’:

  • Your ego like that balloon, begins to leak some of your joy and your life’s vision for you.
  • Your passion and your motivation leaks from within, a little at time.
  • Before long, your ‘critical mind’ is annoyingly trying to assure you, “It’s too late.”


YOU, the architect of your BIG vision

Being that architect and achieving it, requires that you to have clear insight and, a specific plan.  KNOW THAT your impending success is not:

  • Dependent on the job market or past attempts that prevented your earlier success or,
  • Previous unfilled aspirations.


Taking Charge

Taking control means it is never too late unless you decided that to be the case. Without a strategy, over time, ‘life’s set backs’ can cause your vision to become to become dim or dispirited. 


I can help you bring that big vision to life

I help my clients quickly grasp, how to take charge of their emotional and critical thinking before it leads to procrastination:

  • Imagine the successful resilient part of you, skillfully knowing how to ‘replenish’ and nurture your ‘subconscious power-house’ driving your dreams.
  • This ‘power-house machinery’ (is the place) that houses your vision.
  • I have the solution to rapidly helping you tap into this remarkable place!

I am ready to assist you in laying out a winning plan that includes gaining clarity of and using, your remarkable strengths; and:

  • Teach you how to convert your weaknesses into assets
  • Escalate your passion for your dreams.


Inspiring advantages

Because passion is undeniably stimulating, you won’t have to drag yourself out of bed to take action to create your success blue-print process for ‘next steps’.  Enthusiasm, courage and resilience for following through, > combined with clarity, self-belief and expectation for success, will be just a few of your exciting benefits.

So fast forward in your imagination: When it’s all said and done, there you are:

  • Owning a clear sense of purpose and a plan driven by boldness that saw you through.
  • In the end with profound satisfaction you are saying, “I did it; I succeeded and now I am living the life I was born to live!”


The ‘next step process

TRUTH: You are not an ‘average’ person with 11% mediocrity. Within you is your wise guide prepared to sustain you, leading you to triumph.  Combine that with the power strategy tools I have waiting for you to use, is far more powerful than you may have previously imagined. 

This next step type process is very fulfilling and stimulating; it’s not: instant, nor one giant leap, or ‘magic steps’.  It will take your willingness and commitment to advancement.  I am ready to support you > tapping into your conviction to reap your BIG dream, not wish.

  • You are worthy of succeeding, you owe it to yourself to make your dreams come true.
  • After all, you only live once!


Bringing YOUR big vision to life quickly

Your greatness is beckoning you to unleash it!  Rise up and play bigger in the world.

As a Professional Success Coach, Certified HypnoCoachTM and Consulting Hypnotist, I am ready to help you:

  • Stop longing success; instead, begin taking action steps for generating your success.
  • Overcome and conquer your current challenges and obstacles.
  • HALT your inner critic, and tap into your greatness > your innermost power.


Living with purpose and passion

I have helped numerous accomplished professionals as well as, ordinary individuals, with ordinary everyday problems uncover their success path and, their passion.

They are now living their desired lives that previously, they had only dreamed about. Partnering with my clients, I provide the necessary skills, tools and training that can also help you design the life you choose (desire) to live.


Skype and Face Time Sessions

Wherever you live, I can assist you. The Internet has allowed me to connect with my clients through Skype and Face Time Sessions for interactive, personalized sessions. That means that sessions can take place where you are most comfortable – in your home, office, dorm or vacation home.  I still see clients with various needs in my office.  It’s your choice!


Contact Info and free 20 minute consult

I will teach you how to make the necessary changes in your life to reach your dream. All you need, is the desire to do it. Contact me Polly Humphreys @ Alternative Wellness & Beyond today for a free 20-minute consultation.


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