We recognize, workshop attendees want powerful, practical tools needed for success, breakthrough thinking.  

Alternative Wellness & Beyond Premier Workshop provides workshop participants the: comprehensive skill-sets that are easy to use.  

Our goal is to help workshop participants understand how to: build the required level of confidence and mental clarity generating breakthrough success.

Our powerful time tested strategies are designed to help your workshop participants generate a growth mind-set; and success expectancy.

Who are Polly’s Ideal Workshop Participants?

Polly Humphreys Personal and Professional Development Premier Workshops are targeted at: workshop participants valuing personal and professional growth.

Workshop participants appreciate creative, out of the box, solution thinking. They don’t want to settle for ordinary.

Attendees want to optimize their innate and learned strengths by unlocking their best level potential. They are ready to power their performance and career to the next level.  They don’t mind guidance because they are committed to personal success break-through.

 What 90+% of workshop attendees are seeking from Polly Humphreys Premier Personal Development Workshops.

Workshop participants can expect to receive:

  • Proven principles to help them better manage their decisions, attention and energy focus.

  • Cutting-edge, creative solutions; easy to use repeatable strategies producing results.

  • Practical, easy to use innovative tools designed to unleash inspiration-momentum.

  • Create extraordinary value for themselves and their organization.

  • Solutions producing measurable outcomes in self-confidence, productivity, self-awareness.

  • Going beyond fear and embrace previous failure as a stepping stone.


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