Corporate Workshop Goals:

One of our leading workshop goals is to help your attendees excel in successful, action momentum.  Action accountability counts!

We teach workshop attendees breakthrough solutions; faster and easier than ever thought possible.

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond we offer both customized and pre-developed workshops.  These highlight personal and professional development; and growth mind-sets.

Our premier workshops for corporations and organizations are designed to unleash the powerful potential of your employees.  (Awaken untapped potential into action momentum).

Alternative Wellness & Beyond Workshop Goals:

1. Our workshop attendee training development objectives: include providing knowledge and skill expertise in each workshop; (respective to Polly Humphreys expertise).

2. Polly Humphreys will schedule a time to speak with your HR representative or dedicated workshop planner. Gain a clear understanding of your organizations: desires / needs; and your overall workshop goals.

3.  Specific workshop information needed: your requested location | expected number of workshop attendees | requested workshop date and time | varied corporate department levels of expected attendees.

4. Please let us know of any workshop traditions or protocols, you would like to include during our premier workshops presentations.

5. Your designated person will be asked to define workshop specifics.  To include information regarding: workshop duration (hours / days / break times); and workshop budget.

6. With advanced planning: professional workshop presentations can be developed for varied levels at your organization.

Polly Humphreys 6 personal workshop goals for every workshop.

Polly’s personal goals below were established from her: Coach * Trainer * Presenter’s Professional View.

Her encompassing goals help workshop attendees own, high quality solutions.

  1. Deliver personal, team and leadership growth development messages from a place of driven passion, inspiration, creativity and fun.
  2. Present value added fundamental success principles and tools.   Workshop attendees “take away,” easy to use processes: are intended to fuel their “inspirational tank”.
  3. Provide business teams strategy to deal with the complexities of team situations. Participants will understand how their restrictive beliefs can keep them “stuck” from taking pro-active steps.
  4. Provide all workshop attendees, powerful “Mental Arsenal”.  Polly’s success approach will teach how to: identify and transform current self-sabotaging though-beliefs.  (This “Mental Arsenal” is powerful for revolutionizing a success growth mind-set).
  5. Workshop topics will optimally spark individual’s creative vision. (Influencing team’s vision with passion / purpose / strength).
  6. Help propel individual and team momentum to: ‘Next Step Level”

For further workshop information, to contact Polly Humphreys, or get started: please click here.