10 Premier Personal Development Workshop Benefits.

These value-added benefits are designed to help organization’s leaders and business team managers: inspire and grow employee’s success mind-set, as they unlock their utmost potential for break-through success.

Alternative Wellness & Beyond Premier Personal Development Workshops Benefits are also designed to:

  1. Optimize, maximum employee “buy-in” (acceptance) of, beneficial organizational changes with lasting break-through solutions.
  2. Magnify employee’s awareness and desire, for building harmonious alignment in both personal and workplace values.
  3. Develop and enrich, growth mind-set in leaders, team managers and team employees.
  4. Create breakthrough thinking and mind-shift awareness of utmost potential in teams.
  5. Enhance personal accountability and task focus.
  6. Elevate Effective Thinking.  This essential mental Skill is required for converting 5 major obstacles to accelerators.
  7. Drive forward thinking > propelling action momentum.  Enhance employee’s mental and, physical energy.
  8. * Employees owning a growth mind-set, are found to seek more feed-back and desire critiquing from their subordinates.
  9. * Team Managers owning a transformed, growth mind-set are far more likely to push past obstacles while remaining task focused.
  10. * Individuals owning a growth mind-set sustain confidence under pressure. They potentially reach faster agreements that benefit both sides.

Professional acknowledgement: Bob Reese; former ATC for NFL players, for 25 years.  Our Effective Thinking skill is crucial for removing the “brick wall” (underlying obstacles), in stuck thinking.  It’s arsenal power is key in your employees quickly tapping into their unlimited potential).

Critical reasons to invest in your employees with Alternative Wellness & Beyond Mental Strength – Mental Toughness Workshops:

  1. Happier employees > improved working relationships > fewer sick days, and > decreased employee turnover.
  2. Relentless solution focus > enhanced critical thinking / problem solving skills.
  3. Accelerated time management skills > decisive decision making > creative innovation.

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