Polly Humphreys – Premier Workshop Presenter and Keynote Speaker is a nearly 20 year veteran.

She uses her diverse knowledge and nearly 20 years, professional experience to teach individuals how to: Get Mentally Clear, Get Unstuck and, Get Break-Through Success Results.

Mental strength – mental toughness, growth mind-set, motivation and confidence for optimizing break-through success are just a few of her favorite subjects.


Polly Humphreys expertise.

Humphreys is a: Personal and Professional Development Success Coach; Certified HypnoCoach; and Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist. Before her owner and founder status of Alternative Wellness & Beyond: her AAS Degree in applied science was earned in the field of physical therapy.

There are 3 distinct ways she works with corporations, high performers, business managers and managing teams:

  1. Workshops
  2. Keynote Speaking
  3. Coaching: private 1-on-1 sessions and business teams coaching

What Polly Humphreys teaches

Polly Humphreys – Premier Workshop Presenter teaches individuals how to: obtain Solution Driven Breakthrough Results from a growth mind-set unlike anyone else!

  1. Polly Humphreys energy is boundless. She is driven by a goal of relentless passion for personal and professional growth; and leadership success development.
  2. She will teach you ‘secrets’ about your belief-thoughts that no one has likely told you; but you need to know!
  3. Her customized workshops aren’t just a 1, 2, or 3 day experience. They are a life changing event!

> Polly’s Premier Workshop Programs are interactive, relational.  They are loaded with quality easy to use, repeatable content; for unlocking the utmost potential of people in any organization or corporate setting.

Polly Humphreys Premier Personal Development Workshop Focus helps individuals reach their highest level of ability.

> She boosts creativity and personal power influence via cutting-edge mental strength strategies, breakthrough thinking and proven fundamental principles that athletes also love.

> Polly Humphreys delivers personal, team and leadership growth mind-set development messages from a place of driven passion, knowledge, creativity and fun.

Polly’s philosophy from Alternative Wellness and Beyond: time-tested insight based model.

“To generate change in the way you do business (and life), you have to have change what isn’t working. You can’t generate change with the same limiting thinking.  Change begins with the way individuals think about their life, and their business”……Polly Humphreys – Premier Workshop Presenter

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