Corporate Edge news, corporate america needs to know.

True, when corporations and organizations own the corporate edge: it is highly likely, business profitability success and company longevity will sustain.

Scientific uncovering includes: team’s mind-set, habits and behaviors. Study reveals: your companies core values are part of your company advantage.

Research findings unveil: corporate success or company failure is found to be largely due to employee’s mind-set.

Therefore, your employees current mind-set is your companies greatest strength OR, weakest liability.

Research results indicate that when it comes to generating the corporate edge advantage – the news is less encouraging.


Business research findings: 5 Vital elements shown missing in corporate cultural success.

Although higher level executives and middle management business teams appear more polished, business studies conducted, indicate:

  1. Core competency training knowledge regarding the importance of mind-set in the role of personal development, is surely lacking in company training programs.
  2. Team missions become “unknowingly sabotaged” – when corporate values and employee values are misaligned.
  3. Studies in mind-set and personal development revealed: that when a manager leads from a ‘fixed mind-set”, his/her team’s growth mind-set is often found with elevated resistance to making “needed company changes”.
  4. Leaders and managing employees are missing crucial knowledge development in their understanding the vital correlation between: success > fixed mind-sets >  belief-thoughts.
  5. Due to lacking competency training in this vital training knowledge: corporate missions as whole, are becoming dis-empowered.


Corporate edge breakthrough in sustaining corporate advantage excellence:

Alternative Wellness & Beyond provides Breakthrough Solutions Training for corporations and organizations.  Employee value-added benefits from our workshops include: learning how to gain and sustain the corporate advantage via mental strength – mental toughness training.

  • Alternative Wellness & Beyond provides individuals with scientifically proven mental strength tools.
  • Our proven strategy approaches develop and heighten a growth mind-set. We are pleased that athletes seeking mental toughness – have been using our powerful training for nearly 20 years.
  • Our personal development training uncovers limiting belief-thoughts that are holding individuals back, unknowingly.
  • Our training is fun!  Trainee attendees will enjoy learning how to quickly apply this training efficiency and effectiveness: transforming their personal life goals and career objectives.

We understand your employee’s mental strength – mental toughness is the backbone to your profitability and success longevity. That’s one major reason we will give them more than just random building blocks. More than just powerful ideas.


It is far easier to achieve and maintain The Corporate Edge when your employee’s thinking, aligns with the underpinning of your culture.

Our blueprint training foundation is designed to help your employees link our value-added powerful training benefits, to your corporate culture and values.

Your leaders, middle managers and managing employees will learn how to:

  • Develop concrete action plans for self-improvement.
  • Quickly unleash, greater understanding of their personal beliefs and how to transform them.
  • Apply our easy to use repeatable skills immediately.


Imagine your team members already enjoying the incredible rapid transformation in newly formed team cohesiveness.

  • Team members now enjoying the gratifying benefits due to their now owning: a clear understanding of core beliefs and values.
  • Heightened desires to improve their personal and professional relationships.


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