Premier Personal Development Workshops: Alternative Wellness & Beyond Training Purpose.

Alternative Wellness & Beyond develops and presents, Premier Personal Development Workshops for gaining and sustaining the competitive corporate edge.

We work with corporations and organizations desiring optimized strategies for raising employee insight awareness.

We teach people how to unlock utmost potential of people in any organization by knowing how to use the power of their mind most effectively.

We equip your employees with easy, ready to use tools: for early achievement of mental discipline and mindful self-talk awareness.

This training is critical for generating affirmative desired change; and goal achievement with enduring success results.

Alternative Wellness & Beyond: Core Competencies.

Alternative Wellness & Beyond is a recognized name for providing premier break-through solutions.

Our intriguing time-tested strategies and proven techniques: are developed to give attendees lasting, gratifying changes in personal and professional development.

Premier workshops, team coaching and 1-on-1 coaching is available.

Alternative Wellness & Beyond: Insights Based Methodology.

Our intentional purpose at Alternative Wellness and Beyond is to:

  1. Develop and provide: premier training workshops (and coaching) that empowers employee growth mind-set results; and organizational structure.
  2. Our premier training workshops focus on helping your organization, secure optimal positive lasting changes; within the organizational structure.
  3. Our Growth Mind-set Methodology helps employees internalize and grow self-belief in their capabilities.

It is our honor to serve you as we collaborate to enhance an internal win-win aligned culture in your organization.

How we help your organization and employees achieve training goals.

We bridge (align) the organization’s cultural needs, desire and team challenges with: requested Alternative Wellness & Beyond organizational training materials.

Our time-honored strategies and break-through mentality system help your workshop (and/or coaching) attendees:

  1. Sharpen their growth mind-set, focus creativity and personal / professional development.
  2. Perform at their natural best and own, resiliency break-through.
  3. Deepen their level of self-awareness; and professional competencies through developing a growth mind-set.

Owning mental toughness strategies will give your employees fortified mental arsenal.

Their new found persistence and resiliency will help: heighten their responsibility and accountability for their actions.  This value-added bonus is expected to generate results in both their successes and failures.

Our, customized strategic approaches and tools help leaders, middle managers and managed employees: understand and illuminate the links between their thoughts, emotional well-being and outcome results.

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Contact Information | Alternative Wellness & Beyond Premier Workshops Trainer information.

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  2. To learn about: Alternative Wellness & Beyond Premier Workshops Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Polly Humphreys click here.

Polly Humphreys delivery of mental strength – mental toughness essential training skills: will help your organization obtain solution driven results, unlike anyone else!