Wiping out The Root of Unforgiveness

Wiping out The Root of Unforgiveness

If you or someone you know is harboring unforgiveness – this blog is for you!


When we have been hurt by another person, we all share the same questions: 1). Whether to hold onto un-forgiveness? 2). How to let go? 3). Did the other person even realize they hurt me?

Regarding question #3 above: as both a Mental Performance Coach at Backbone Builder and a Traditional Life Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond – I frequently find 2 things happen:

  1. Most Sport Coaches and leaders don’t realize the power in their facial gestures.  This is why I have I discussed: controllable vs uncontrollable situations in a paragraph below.
  2. Most individuals want to do a great job for their team!
  3. When under pressure, the coaches (or leaders) “blank stare” or grimace facial gesture is frequently interpreted as: “He/she is angry with me!” – OR – “He/she is displeased with me!”

Two specific questions you may not have thought of:

  1. Are you wanting God to forgive you?  If so, in order for Him to forgive you, you must willingly forgive others.
  2. Are you wanting to unleash your unlimited potential?

If you chose to hold grudges, then be aware – it is likely “invisible barriers” of your mind – will STOP you from unleashing unlimited potential; you already have.

 2 key reasons why this Mental Strength Coach teaches her clients controllable vs. uncontrollable situations.

  • Understanding the difference between controllable and uncontrollable circumstances is crucial in: athlete’s self-image | perception of athletic capability.
  • This knowledge helps players and non-athletes | parents | and spouses know: when to let go and, when to discuss their perceptions with the person they believe offended them.


Blog content:

In today’s blog : I discuss forgiveness is NOT about the other person.  You will learn what happens to your body when you hold on to resentment –  bitterness – anger.

In my next blog The Power of Forgiveness | The Choice to Forgive – you will learn of:

  1. A fast proven method that helps you let go of holding onto that pain; far easier.  It still works powerfully after 20 years.  And is amazing in helping individuals wipe out the root of unforgiveness.
  2. 5 amazing benefits that help set you permanently free from unforgiveness; and your offender.

Before you read on, take a moment to clarify your awareness level:

How much of your time is focused on unforgiveness, feelings of guilt or anger?”

I ask you because most people have a poor awareness of thoughts seeping into their subconscious mind.

They don’t realize repeated negative thinking becomes reinforced.  It steals their quality of life and, sense of empowerment.

  1. People unknowingly plant and feed self-sabotaging, repetitive thoughts in their mind much like a Gardner planting seeds in soil.  This happens many times per day.
  2. Everyone’s seed-thoughts automatically take root in our attitude, behavior and our self-belief.
  3. Our thoughts also play a crucial part in our family and career relationships.

Now you can likely see why emotional awareness is key!  

Unforgiveness acts like a time released allergy capsule in your body.

Pure and simple: holding onto the grievances is like drinking a slow glass of timed released poison!  Here’s the short version what happens:

Over time, unforgiveness becomes a poisonous toxin.

  1. Sadly, at first you don’t notice the effects being slowly released from your subconscious mind into your body.
  2. The poisonous side effects of unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, anger, etc. – quietly drip into your adrenal glands.
  3. Unforgiveness hardens hearts.  It causes dis-ease – and a high potential for hurting loving relationships.

Forgiveness requires a willingness.

For nearly 20 years – Polly Humphreys, Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond has been helping clients ready to take empowering action steps for healing.

We use this very effective process to permanently wipe out unforgiveness.  You don’t forget what happened; you see things differently from an empowered viewpoint.  You get to be free from emotional pain.

5 reasons to forgive – even when it feels impossible.

As adults we realize life affords us lots of opportunities to feel unforgiving.  This is the point i hope you take straight into your heart and mind.

Let’s look at what happens when we decide to NOT forgive:

  1. Holding onto the pain of not wanting to forgive does more damage to us than our offender.
  2. We can all understand it is human instinct to want the offender to suffer.
  3. Refusing to forgive can cause us to have a sour spirit; become bitter, even vengeful.
  4. The root (underlying cause) of unforgiveness hinders our spiritual growth
  5. Forgiveness is something you do for you!  Not for the offender.

Feel free to take advantage of our free, no obligation consult.  In an enjoyable conversation lets discuss how you can powerfully: transform the way you think, feel and desire to live your life in your power.  

To do that: simply click here to contact me.

In my next blog: Power of Choosing Forgiveness – you will discover:

  1. Polly Humphreys powerful, Hypnotherapy Forgiveness Empowerment Process.

  2. 10 amazing benefits her clients receive from this heart-centered gratifying successful process.


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