Stress Strategies | Work – Life Balance

Stress Strategies | Work – Life Balance

We are one nation under stress!

I dedicate this page to individuals who experience excessive stress or hold pent up emotions.

Do you feel like you are: drowning in a sea of stress; and need a good laugh?

Inviting you to click on this link to hear the FUN web broadcaster’s interview: with Polly Humphreys,  Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist.

Enjoy the unexpected in Polly’s interview! Learn what 3 call-in listeners said on this day!   

Coping with Stress | Effective Stress Strategies:

As a Life and Career Coach and Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond: my goal is to provide strategies specific to each client’s needs:

  • Physical and Lifestyle Strategies
  • Emotional Strategies | Stress Strategies
  • Cognitive Strategies
  • Philosophical | Spiritual Strategies

In a 30 minute FREE Consultation discuss your desires – needs – pain points.  Polly Humphreys’ stress management strategies + life strategies: can put you in the Driver’s Seat; intentionally managing unwanted stress.

Laughter is a great stress management tool.  Find out WHY Interview Host bursts out laughing!

Here’s the link to immediately transport you there. Enjoy learning how to get in the drivers seat of your life!  No longer drowning in a “sea of stress”!


Make this your best year. In Polly Humphreys free consult: ask her how she can can help you > take control of your stress now!

  • Intentionally heighten self-awareness of inner stress signals.
  • Develop self awareness + stress strategies specific to your needs = intentionally managing unwanted stress.
  • Success strategies helping you prevent pushing beyond healthy stress.

 It is time to be proactive and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

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