Why did you become a Certified Hypnotist?


I recognized the ‘true value’ of hypnosis first hand after a serious illness. Achieving incredible fast results with personal life changing success via hypnotic intervention – I believe God called me to commit to a form of serving others; and assisting all my clients on their life’s journey to total mind-body-spirit wholeness.

I knew first hand, that by tapping into my subconscious mind, I could easily remove ‘limiting thoughts’ – and take control of my thoughts. I knew I would succeed because I knew the secret to harnessing the power of my mind, my values, feelings and my intuition.

I received my initial certification training (Basic and Advanced Training) from the Omni Hypnosis Center in Deland, Florida. I continue to receive 21 plus continuing education, credit hours each year from the National Guild of Hypnotist > they hold their practitioner members to the highest standards. NGH is the oldest and largest professional organization of hypnotist in the world.

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