When I come to see you, what should I expect?


Expect to create success! You will quickly feel very comfortable. During our first hypnosis session, so that you will get the most from your hypnosis sessions: I will do the Educational Pre-talk to dismiss any fears and misconceptions that you might have regarding hypnosis. I will also provide time targeted at allowing you to share your needs, problems, desires and goals with me. This information is confidential, and it will allow me to personalize your sessions. We speak honestly, not judgmentally.

Your questions will be answered and I will also teach you valuable tools that you can use to combat stress, fears and or cravings, etc. You will also receive self-hypnosis instructions.
If you are receiving my Smoking Cessation Program you will receive a book that I have written. My Weight Loss, ‘Journey of Wellness’ Program, has a protocol. Both programs will educate you with the goal of helping prepare you for success.
Depending on the scheduled time frame you have selected and the reason for your seeking hypnosis, you will either receive hypnosis during your initial visit or at your second visit.

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