What is the history of hypnosis?


It has been said that hypnosis began before any recorded history and was used in religious and healing ceremonies. In early 1770’s, the modern history of hypnosis began with Father Gassner, a Catholic Priest. Below, you will find a small sample of history relating to hypnosis:

  • The use of hypnosis can be traced back to the time of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptians built marvelous “dream temples”.
  • James Esdale a surgeon at a Calcutta prison practiced hypnosis.
  • WWI: Because there was a lack of anesthesia available to surgeons on the battlefield, they used hypnosis successfully as anesthesia, many times while amputating a soldier’s extremity.
  • Hypnosis in our current life time, is still used for reducing pre- surgery anxiety and for surgical candidates that are allergic to anesthesia.

In 1958, The American Medical Association accepted and approved clinical hypnosis as an adjunct to standard medical care. The AMA recommended that medical schools include hypnosis education in their curriculum. Because of the success with hypnosis, many clergy, doctors, psychologists and dentists use hypnosis in their practices.

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