What is the difference between my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, and my unconscious mind?


We have 3 very separate, very distinct minds – each has different functions, each has a hard time inter-relating with each other.

  • The Conscious mind:It is the critical part of your mind. Our Short Term Memory is located here, we spend most of our time in our Conscious Mind; in fact – you are using your Conscious Mind right now as you read this. It houses our Ego and is our Analytical mind; it looks for the problem and works to solve the problem.
    Our Rational mind is the part of us that must understand ‘why’, if it does not have an answer, we become nervous or anxious or frustrated.
    Our Will-power originates here also; whenever you put Will-power next to your Subconscious Mind – Will-power will lose every time.
  • Subconscious Mind: It is located deeper than the Conscious Mind and it is the ‘authentic us’. It is our truth, our reality. Being the most powerful part of our mind, it can help us to be who we want to be; and act according to our subconscious perception of who we are. I love helping people create ‘Ideal Best-Self’ during hypnosis.
    The function of this powerful mind, is to create us according to what it perceives us to be, based on the information stored here. Because it is our protector and it wants to make us happy, we must use our ‘creative mind’ wisely. It is vital to be aware of our thinking and the words we use frequently. It is also known as our ‘internal computer’ – i.e., everything that has ever happened to us is stored here. It is like a video of our life or a book of our life.
    Housed here is: our Long Term Memory, our Emotions, the Lazy partof us, our Habits and Self -preservation, (our character).
    Remember, we need to be very careful that our self-talk is positive as it takes everything literally.
  • Unconscious mind: This is the deepest mind; our Automatic Bodily Functions(eyes blinking and heart beating, etc.) and our Immune System are found here.

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