What if I want to make desired change but I’m afraid of hypnosis?


That is why I do something called an Educational Pre-talk. During the pre-talk, I will listen to you to learn what your needs and desires are, I then answer your questions; I educate you about hypnosis. The pre-talk will give you clarity; it eliminates concerns and fears, misconceptions, myths and ‘untruths’ about hypnosis. The tools that I personally give each client, aids them in their success; clients find this very reassuring.

Because client questions have been answered, they feel contented and also appreciate just how powerful their subconscious mind really is.

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my clients get excited at their potential for success; they realize that allowing themselves to be guided into the most powerful part of their mind, (their subconscious mind), permits them to create their chosen beneficial changes.

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