What are the benefits of hypnosis?


There are many. Some examples of recognized general benefits gained from hypnosis are stress relief, peace of mind and increased energy. Some wellness benefits are vital health and well-being, unlimited personal success, and making dreams a reality! FACT: The benefits you receive will be in proportion to the time and attention that you are willing to invest in making your wanted changes.

Your desire, belief and expectations are an enormous part of your success.
All my clients are educated in hypnosis; they understand that believing they will create valuable change is a necessity and that you get what you expect. As your expert guide, I help you generate the ability for you to remove “the unwanted” from your life.
My motto: Imagine, Believe, Expect and Achieve Success!

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald
    | Reply

    It’s great to know the benefits of hypnosis. I like the fact that it can help with stress relief. Since I’m going back to school, stress has become a big part of my life. I should look into trying hypnosis out!

    • Polly Humphreys
      | Reply

      Greetings Ridley:
      Thank you for visiting my website. And congrats on your decision to return to school! Learning how to manage stress is far easier with effective tools, proven strategy and support. That’s why I offer a relaxing free consultation; that’s great for individuals who desire to create / generate changes they would love having. Hypnosis breakthrough changed my life in amazing ways!!!

      If you would care to take advantage of my 20-30 minute free consult, it will give you an opportunity to ask meaningful questions that matter to you; to share your needs and discover. That can be arranged in one of 3 ways: in office, Skype/I Phone or Phone. You will find the contact form on this website or: 828-504-2003.
      Cheers, Polly

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