Should Christians ‘avoid’ hypnosis?


The answer is NO! I think Dr. Don Colbert said it beautifully, “The Bible tells us that we are not to live with distortional thought processes – rather, we are to have a “transformed mind.”

I am a Christian; I believe being a Certified Hypnotist is my calling. I help people feel emotionally whole and I assist them with achieving their goals. I believe my purpose in life and my role is to serve others, helping people heal fully and live the life they were created to have.

It’s important that we do NOT get ‘stuck’ in our brokenness’. I help people release or lift up their ‘brokenness’ – let go and live freely. Many of my clients say, “It is like I have a new life – I see things so differently now.”

Our perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and emotions live within our subconscious mind. Our emotional state of well-being is just as vital to our overall wholeness as our physical or spiritual well-being.

Emotions are a gift from God – God created each of us with a capacity to feel and express emotions without feeling increased anxiety. When we are in bondage to our emotions and thoughts – we are unable to express ourselves and our needs fully.

Because some of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are deeply seated – at times, we are consciously unable to neither recognize nor understand why we have certain difficulties in life, in our relationships or why we continue to self-sabotage/damage our relationships.

Because hypnosis, is a skilled tool for mastering victory and transformation, individuals can quickly discover and understand underlying subconscious problems. They then can swiftly release unhelpful thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that prevent people from forward momentum and action.

Via hypnosis, the person is able tap into the place where their subconscious perceptions are housed (stored). By understanding the subconscious interpretations of their beliefs, they are able to generate necessary changes within the subconscious mind.

Because one of the goals of hypnosis is to transform unhelpful thought processes, by changing one’s darkness into light, we are then able to bring harmony and balance between the conscious and subconscious minds.

In my years as a holistic practitioner, I have hypnotized ministers, medical staff including doctors and scientist for making valuable changes in their lives. Many ministers, priests and Rabbis use hypnosis during counseling. Some clergy are members of the National Guild of Hypnotist, the organization that I also belong to and receive my ongoing continuing education from.

I happily see individuals that practice various religions as well as those that are not of any practicing faith. Each of us has the divine power to make changes within ourselves; we make those changes within our powerful, subconscious mind. I like to think of our subconscious mind as an obedient servant, very capable of assisting us in creating unlimited possibilities.

Remember:Your creator, created your natural state of mind. It is things, of the world, and human beliefs that unfortunately, generated our problems. Each of us has a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves. It is my role as a Certified, Consulting Hypnotist and Success Coach to serve others so they may be at their ultimate level.

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