Is hypnosis relaxation? Will I be unconscious?


Relaxation is a component of Hypnosis. In hypnosis, your body and conscious (‘monkey chatter’) mind will be very calm. You are aware that you feel comfortable. Because your physical body and your ‘chatter mind’ are peacefully relaxed – this allows you to quickly by-pass the blocking part, easily gaining access to your subconscious mind. You will be very alert!

FACTS: You do NOT get stuck in hypnosis. You do NOT be unconscious, you don’t go into ‘a coma’, or ‘under’.
It is important that you expect to be in a very alert state, (heightened awareness) instead of being unconscious. You will always remain in control at all times. When it is time to end your session, the hypnotist will tell you, “It is time to emerge from hypnosis now”. Because most people feel so good, they usually want to stay in that incredible, comfortable state. We learned earlier, you can actually spontaneously emerge from hypnosis if your conscious mind is stimulated. That is why the hypnotist will give you suggestions that will help you narrow the conscious chatter. Happily think of it taking a break or, on vacation during hypnosis.

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