How is the wellness hypnosis that you do, different than stage hypnosis?


I help clients create a subconscious ‘winning model’ of their world. Stage hypnosis is purely entertainment; for some, ‘the fun’ creates a ‘dramatic effect’. Without accurate knowledge of what hypnosis is, stage hypnosis can leave individuals with the wrong impression of how powerful hypnosis for wellness and life-change can be. That is another reason why, I educate my clients.

Example: When you go to the movies or are entertained during a play, you are simply being entertained. The reason the hypnotized individual on stage does certain activities on stage is that they like the idea of being on stage.  Because they find that idea interesting, they make the decision follow given, specific ‘entertaining suggestions’.

I personally have been hypnotized by others for wellness and I consistently do self-hypnosis. Because I have no desire to be hypnotized on stage, they would not choose me. Being highly trained, the stage hypnotist knows, I am a ‘poor candidate’ because they realize, my lack of ‘participant reception’ would NOT by-pass my critical factor, (my ‘resistant part’). FACT: Stage Hypnotists only choose audience members who really like the idea of being hypnotized on stage.
At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my client focus is on Holistic Wellness– mind-body and spirit connection for enhanced well-being. Assisting children, teens and adults with making beneficial, desired permanent changes is very enjoyable to me. I specialize in Sports Enhancement Performance and Wellness, including: elimination of Fears and Phobias; Stress Reduction; Stop Smoking (cessation); and Weight Loss. I do see people for many other issues as well. The above issues are just my area of specialties.

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