How does a person get into and out of hypnosis?


I use a comfortable, secure technique called an induction to help guide a person into a very comfortable natural altered state. The value goal is: peaceful, mental and physical relaxation. Because ‘the chatter’ mind’ (conscious – rational mind) is quieted, it allows the client fast access into their subconscious mind to create their preferred, empowering subconscious changes. As I help the client emerge out of their peaceful comfortable state being, they hear me counting in a specific manner as a ‘cue’ for their receiving favorable, post-hypnotic suggestions.

I use different inductions for children than teens or adults. I use counting also, upon guiding (emerging) all individuals from hypnosis.
And of course, via my ‘pre-talk education’, my clients know they can also independently emerge from hypnosis at any time.

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