How do I make an appointment with Polly Humphreys, Certified Hypnotist?


Knowing what goal(s) you want to accomplish is the first step in my assisting you with your success. I offer a free confidential consultation during your initial phone contact. If I should be with a client when you call – simply leave me a message with your name and phone number including your area code.

Your call is important to me! Therefore, when leaving your phone number, please be sure to speak slowly. This ensures that I can return your phone call.

Whether you are on a journey of wellness or opting to create other valuable success transformation in your life, or simply choosing to enhance your sport and getting ‘in the zone’ – I look forward to discussing your needs, desires and goals and answering questions that you have.

Call Polly Humphreys, Certified Hypnotist at Alternative Wellness & Beyond, to learn how she and her specialized hypnosis training can help you break through limiting patterns of behavior, eliminate self-sabotage and favorably align your values and beliefs. I am ready to help you produce lasting change so you can experience the fulfillment in your life that you deserve.

Contact Information for Polly Humphreys @ Alternative Wellness & Beyond:

Phone: (828)-504-2003

Appointments: I attempt to best suit my client’s needs and, our mutual respected appointment times.

Appointment times will be scheduled according to availability: day, night and specific pre-scheduled weekend times, as possible.

Skype and Face Time Sessions are also available; they are client-centered and tailored for your needs. You will receive the same customized and dedicated services, as my ‘in office clients’ receive here in my office.

This is a bonus for the long-distance locations including for those living in other countries.

This service was designed by me, for individuals who want to receive my ultimate sessions, yet remain in the comfort of their office or home, or while on vacation at their ‘home-away from home’.

This service is also ultimate for the athlete traveling during competitive seasons and for the academic student who lives moment to moment, according to their appointment scheduler.

For English speaking individuals living out of the country, please send Polly an email by clicking on here.

In the subject matter of the email please write: “Skype Free Consultation Appointment Desired”

Easy driving access from:

The Greater Triad areas, The Triangle, Charlotte Metro, Wilkesboro and The High Country and Asheville – Western NC areas as well as the Tri-City and other TN-N.C. areas

Call (828)504-2003 today to Begin your journey of Creating Expected Success and, Your Ultimate Life Transformation!

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