Do you specialize in a specific area of hypnosis?


At Alternative Wellness & Beyond, my client focus individuals conquering ‘victory’. I enjoy leadership development, empowerment advancement and Holistic Wellness: mind-body and spirit connection for their enhanced well-being. I am committed to “client total wholeness.” I specialize in: Sports Performance Enhancement and Wellness Concerns: Stress Management, Fears-Phobias, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. Upon request, I do consider treatment sessions for other areas of wellness and success.

I love using a cutting edge exercise Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), because it generates a profound and lasting effect on one’s physical and emotional well-being. It works simultaneously on the mind and body.
My clients appreciate my giving them other esteemed valuable tools they can use anywhere – anytime they choose.

Parts Hypnosis and Root Cause Hypnosis are two priceless and advanced skilled areas of hypnosis that I utilize. They have made a distinctive difference in client outcomes for the times when traditional hypnosis requires more for the client. As a skilled professional, I am recognized for helping individuals uncover their problem(s) and understand how their perceived issues(s) started. They don’t want nor need, a “Band-Aid” covering their issue. I treat the Root Cause rather than the effect because, once the ‘problem cause’ is identified, it allows me to assist my clients with resolving their inner conflict(s).

I also do Direct Suggestions for client empowerment. However, there are times when using only Direct Suggestion is not enough with helping the clients resolve their issues. I use Direct Suggestion for the purpose of client ‘self-esteem building’, personal growth, etc. I also find it helpful with enhancing client follow through for increasing motivation, anticipation for success and accountability with their action plan completion > leading to goal attainment!

Weight Example: When a doctor is dealing with an overweight person, the doctor will often prescribe a particular eating program, an exercise program, supplements, and possibly medications. The doctor will most often explain possible medical consequences of being overweight. If a person stays with their regime ONLY UNTIL they lose their desired weight – and if they do NOT continue with their prescribed plan and behavior modification changes, they usually will gain the weight back very quickly. (The person will then gain additional pounds).

Using the above scenario, hypnosis would help that person identify their realreason (underlying Root Cause) for their weight gain. One grand bonus of hypnosis is via my professional guidance, helping the client tap into their subconscious mind sphere, allows them to actually see (envision) themselves at their ideal weight and living the life of ‘Ideal Self’. Adding Direct Suggestions during hypnosis will help them to follow through with behavior modification as they continue their wellness journey for the rest of their life.
Unless the Root Cause of their problem is located and released, it is very likely there will be minimum lasting change – to no permanent change.

Wellness Example: If a person has asthma or difficulty sleeping, with Direct Suggestions – I can help alleviate the problem but the Root Cause of the problem will NOT be resolved. To release the problem, one must get to the ‘root’ of the problem. And for complete resolution of the underlying problem (root issue), the client must want resolution and they must desire to discover the Root Cause of the trouble. They must also be willing to release their perceived problem or, no permanent, beneficial change will occur. Again, we see that knowledge is ‘power-key’ and a motivational factor for accomplishing one’s desired success!

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