Can anyone be hypnotized?


FACTS: For a person to be hypnotized, they must want to be hypnotized. It is never a ‘quick fix’ nor ‘magic’. Clinical Hypnosis has nothing to do with ‘tarot card readings’. I educate my clients to bust through their perceived life obstacles and live life in their greatness!

I don’t do ‘entertainment hypnosis’. My calling is to help individuals live their highest quality of life. I support people in becoming who God, their creator created them to be; unique, courageous, empowered and resilient!

Anyone with an average IQ and with a willingness for preferred change to occur, will do well with hypnosis. If a person believes they can’t be hypnotized, then will not be able to be hypnotized. Why? Because they are in control of their outcomes. To be hypnotized the person must like the idea of making positive modifications in their thinking, in their behavior and, in their habits.

Another reason I educate my clients as to the incredible power of their mind, via hypnosis is: the individual must have no fears or misconceptions regarding hypnosis and, believe that he/she can create the desired change while in hypnosis.
I tell my clients, “You can make change easily and quickly providing you choose to”.
The determining factor if a given suggestion is allowed to enter your subconscious mind and be accepted or rejected, is that the suggestion is ONLY decided by you. You determine (control) all your outcomes.

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