Transformation | Powerless to Powerful

Transformation | Powerless to Powerful


Polly Humphreys, Peak Performance Coach at Alternative Wellness & Beyond: knows first hand what it takes to transform a mindset from powerless to powerful!


Polly teaches individuals, elements that transform failure to success quickly. She also knows personal satisfaction of transforming feelings of powerlessness to powerful.  Before she was a professional, Polly was an actual client.

Helping people master the power of their subconscious mind is her niche.  Now she teaches personal and professional secrets to her clients.

Unknowingly many people quit when they are close to success.

  • They lack of mental clarity. Fear of the unknown, often leaves people fearful; wanting to quit.
  • Polly’s clients however, have her support and value-added benefits. Her previous personal transformation > makes their breakthrough process far easier.

Launching your personal transformation.

Both failure and success first start in people’s mind. Fear without bold courage is like a first time swimmer. At first they hold tight to the beginner’s pool wall, or they are only a few feet away from it.

Initially “fear of unknown waters” rules their movements. However with guidanace + a committed desire to advance, they instinctively begin to grasp what is needed for “next step transformation”.

Soon repetitions + steady practices become 2nd nature for developing their intuitive success potential. Consistent dedicated actions help them quickly let go of learned fear. Their transformation results in: powerless to powerful winning mindset!

Transformation is a choice! Overcoming fear means you steadily move towards a successful, enjoyable life.

You always have a choice. And your choice can be inner power! Your life takes on new gratifying meaning when your purpose is clear.

Having my (Polly Humphreys) personal support (not hand holding) can teach you how to generate a clear purpose for you goals and vision for what can be. Combining mental clarity with proven strategies: boosts your perspective in the way you see things. From a clear lens, you now see the way they can be.

With change comes fear > fright will want to keep you hostage. The solution: Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success. This powerful process I use helps individuals build, persisting courage. Hence, fear is released.

Coaching 4 Breakthrough Success is never about fixing anyone. Its about growth + bringing out the best in people, as they generate gratifying, lasting success results.

Benefits: My amazing coaching techniques help you clarify your purpose and vision far easier. You already have what you need to succeed. I help you tap into your innate strengths, interests and qualities. Fun is a bonus!

Helping you identify self-limiting thoughts (roadblocks) and feelings currently blocking your progress: means you instill lasting winning beliefs and sustaining habits; even under heavy stress.

Proven blue print techniques + easy to follow repeatable step-by-step action steps > fortify your spirit.

Imagine the value of owning mental clarity + generating lasting solutions.

Think how great will it feel like to walk in a room, in your new found confidence!

Also envision the gratifying feeling of your leaving “comfort excuses” behind, because you now own the crucial element of self-accountability.

What are those incredible benefits worth to you? Imagine you, assuredly standing on your clear pathway to personal satisfaction; and loving your life!

Like swimming or scuba diving or parachuting: knowledge + preparation + action = overrides fear.

Here’s to your upcoming success! And great news: you don’t even need to wait til my next blog to learn more breakthrough performance strategies.

I’m available now for you to share your thoughts + desires.  Ask me questions in a personal, relaxed conversation. Simply click on the link: it will take you directly to a Contact Me section.

Easy as 1-2-3: schedule your free consult via Skype | Phone Call | In-office. You choose your favorite option!

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