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Linda Amos – Emotional and Physical Wellness

Being an R.N. and knowing what traditional Western medicine has to offer for autoimmune diseases helped me decide on a different treatment path when I was diagnosed with M.S.

I opted for acupuncture and a natural therapeutic regime which kept my symptoms to a manageable level but after seeing Polly at Alternative Wellness & Beyond for hypnosis to get down to the root cause of my illness,  my symptoms decreased dramatically and even my acupuncturist was impressed when my baseline assessment improved. Internally I achieved a more peaceful balance of my emotions and an assessment of my core values helps me to make decisions that are right for me.               Linda Amos

September 28, 2015

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HypnoCoaching™ SUCCESS: 21 Pounds Shed in 4 months

My name is Karen R Rine, I am 57 years old. I called Polly back in 2010 to help both my husband and son with smoking addiction.  I came across her business card once again May 2015.  I have struggled with weight gain as I have gotten older. Tried many ways to lose weight only to regain. Same story everyone goes thru. I had prayed about my struggles and was over whelmed; one day I took the courage to reach out to Polly for help.

My husband and I drove up to Boone to her new home office. For those who say no "I can't be hypnotized" – I say, “Don't say no, till you try”. I vividly remember and will always remember, the softness of Polly's voice. I can honestly say the 2hrs I was with her, felt like 2 minutes.

It all felt like a dream I remember it very vividly! At first I was very quiet on the drive home to reflect on my 1st session with Polly. Won't go into private details but I truly felt peace.  Polly then set up her Skype account to accommodate me.  I had my 2nd session with her in my home right at this computer desk. My husband helped by limiting noise interruptions.

After my ‘home Skype session’ at first I was a little skeptical wondering if hypnosis using Skype, would work because my ‘chatter mind’ kept trying to say no you were not hypnotized. But later after having a conversation with my husband, he shared during my hypnosis session, we had two sets of company in our house; my daughter and grand kids, then a visit from a neighbor.  During the entire time of my session I most remember, once again Polly's soft soothing voice.

BTW: My computer desk sits 5 ft. from front door.  Because I chose to let go of distractions, my subconscious helped me not hear or see the company that came that day. It helped me to focus on my truly being hypnotized and receiving all the benefits. I felt at peace the moment I met Polly for the very first time.

SUCCESS Results: I had prayed for help and God sent Polly.  May 2015 my weight was 175 lbs.  As of today Sept 22, 2015 - I weigh 154 lbs.  I don't feel any stress of "dieting".

Additional Benefits: I feel my ‘smart mind’ now has control of what I put in my mouth!  I came away with this belief - “That I am worth it”!  I make sure in my very busy days that I get ‘me time’, even if it’s for 30 minutes; before, I was too busy for me.  With all this, Polly had given me calm and peace in my soul. All is well!   Karen Rine... High Point, NC


September 24, 2015