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Hypnosis Success for Record Breaking Pilot, TV Personality and News Reporter

As a world record-breaking pilot and award-winning TV Personality, my life requires mental clarity.  Before I met Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond, I had constant chatter in my head.  The mental chatter had become a bad habit and broken record.   My soul was itching to manifest new dreams - yet my mind was ‘stuck on past’. That's when a dear friend recommended Polly.  Hypnosis proved to be an invaluable resource.

Polly's expertise made a significant and positive difference.  Her professionalism and kind manner easily guided me on a relaxed journey where I felt safe to explore certain areas of my life. I was always "in-control" and aware of my surroundings.  With Polly's help I was able to banish my old tired negative polluted thoughts. I replaced my defeating mental chatter with a brand new exciting program.  It featured my new dreams and goals - and seeing myself star in a happy environment.

This visualization aspect of hypnosis worked so well for me; my life changed dramatically.  I had new hope in my heart that has manifested love and prosperity in my life. My first time to Polly was in 2007. Just recently, I went back to Polly for a "tune-up".  Polly is so exceptionally good at what she does.  She has proven herself a credible gifted hypnotist.  I know, without a doubt, I will continue to reap wonderful benefits from her hypnotherapy.   MayCay Beeler, Greensboro, NC

September 10, 2015

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Hypnosis success – mental focus – passing licensure exam

I have always had test anxiety; I lacked confidence and focus even though I knew the material. After failing my licensure exam twice, I became frustrated and my anxiety caused more anxiousness.  My graduate professor recommended hypnotherapy to me.  He said it would help me focus on the test material INSTEAD OF, my self-doubts, fears and feelings of being anxious to take the test a 3rd time.  Polly made me feel welcome immediately on the phone and, in her office.  Our session time flew by and I could tell I was more confident.  My test results proved that too!  I did really well on my test, after having received hypnosis from Polly Humphreys.  I'm so grateful for Polly's services!  Jennifer Keely, Boone, NC

November 20, 2015

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Hypnosis – Powerful – Life Changing


Before I came to see Polly Humphreys, hypnosis was foreign to me.  I was unaware of how powerful and life changing it could be.  I went to Polly looking for help with motivation, specifically in school.  My first session was more than I could have imagined.


Each session I walked out feeling more focused and confident than before.

  • My concentration skills skyrocketed. I was finally able to pay attention in class better.
  • Not only did I obtain the skills I wanted to fix, I also grew closer to God.
  • My self-belief and self-worth are now my most treasured traits.
  • I now present myself as the person I always wanted to be, along with being a child of God.

Thank you Polly for giving me the tools to improve myself into someone I admire and respect.  Angela Renzulli…Boone NC and Charlotte, NC

August 3, 2016

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I transformed fear into my motivator


I sought Polly Humphreys for Personal Success Development Coaching > strategies that would keep on working.  And I wanted Hypnotherapy for breaking through my subconscious road block; I called it ‘fear’.  Polly listened attentively to my needs and desires.  Together we created a plan that fit me just right.  Polly taught me how to successfully take charge of my subconscious mind.  Happily, I converted fear into my motivator.  Now it is like a friend that supports me instead of an enemy!  That was huge for me because our subconscious is about 90% of our total brain.  With the ‘brain muck’ gone - in hypnosis I got an accurate picture of what I wanted my life to look like.  It was like previewing a movie of my accomplished goals that I loved watching.  It feels great to live that life.  Best thing for me – both Polly’s coaching and hypnosis helped me to understand my life’s purpose.  Jeffrey R.

November 23, 2016

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I found the real me when I overcame fear


Even though God wants us to believe in miracles, it doesn’t mean that He can’t send someone along to help us on our journey.  My results with Polly: my former perceived problems are now gone - my “junk suitcase” became very light.  Because Polly helped me to look within my subconscious mind, I confidently discovered the authentic me. I love being her.  Great news: our excuses belong in two places; out the window and in the trash can marked “gone for good”.  I encourage you to look inside your mind because your answers are there.  LRC

November 23, 2016

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