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Mental Strength Coach | Personal Development

Are you looking for building mental strength? Polly Humphreys is terrific at what she does!  I've been a colleague of hers for many years.  She's proudly one of my early HypnoCoach® graduates.

A wonderful Mental Strength Coach and Hypnotist; (Hypnotherapist): Polly has a true passion and enthusiasm for her client's needs. 

Your success is her success!  Polly Humphreys cares deeply about client's personal and professional development.  Their achievements are important to her.

If you want to meet and exceed your goals in life, at work, and at play -- give Polly a call: 828-504-2003.  Find out how she can assist you on your journey. You'll also find her to be a: great teammate, coach and cheerleader all rolled in to one….. Lisa Halpin, DCH, BCH, CI, OB

January 10, 2018

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Successful Person | Successfully HALTED Excuses


As a successful person with ambition for steady career goal attainment, I however consistently produced excuses regarding my personal life.  Needing training and skills I didn’t possess, I was referred to Polly who did.  She shared how she transformed her former failures into her successes! She listened to what I wanted.  Polly asked me pin-point questions that helped guide my action steps.

She taught me how to acquire a success mindset and strategies for reaching my personal goals.  I successfully HALTED excuses!  Best yet, she helped me find God again.  Now my life is brighter, happier and more joyful.  I now have a much greater sense of my life’s purpose.  Thanks Polly!  Gregg; Winston Salem, NC


November 28, 2016

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Harnessed Undisciplined Mind | Conquered fear of failure


My undisciplined mind  and “lack mindset" blocked my success.  Thanks to Polly Humphreys' life coaching sessions: I harnessed my undisciplined mind.  Now I am free from former frustration.

RESULTS: I stopped sitting on projects until nearly last minute.  She taught me how to use my mind to get a clear picture of what I wanted.  She also helped me raise my accountability level for my action steps.

Guided hypnosis was a game changer for me also.  Hypnotherapy helped me break through outdated subconscious mental and emotional barriers.  With Polly’s guidance and my willingness for success transformation, courage now leads my self-belief victory!

The best part: I conquered my former fear of failure.  Thank you Polly for teaching me how to use my mind with far greater results than I had previously imagined.  Grace... Boone, NC

November 28, 2016

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Combined Hypnotherapy + Life Coaching


Combined Hypnotherapy + Life Coaching delivered success results for me!  Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond easily guided me into a clear understanding of who I was.  We designed goals that fit my life's dream.

Hypnosis was a super adjunct to coaching.  It helped me to identify my dormant innate strengths.  She helped me to recognize and release > childhood subconscious fears that had led my adult thoughts and actions.  Via Polly's professional coaching proficiency - I even learned how to sustain motivation under pressure

Coaching strategies helped me put an end to procrastination.  My new-found focus has allowed me to concentrate on my goals; using my clearly defined easy to follow action steps.

I love growing my life's dream into completion.  I was very excited when Polly taught me how combined hypnosis + life coaching, could help me first live my life's dream, in my mind: before it actually occurred in my life....Peter B.. Greensboro

November 28, 2016

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Polly’s Stop Smoking Success Program is customized to fit you perfectly!

If you are looking to Stop Smoking than Polly Humphreys is the Hypnotist for you.  Her 3 part, Stop Smoking Program provided me with vital practical tools, strategies and solutions that worked magnificently for me!  I was easily able to implement them immediately into my life.  The specific tools that she gave me, built my confidence and my expectation for success right away.  Her education and our groundwork preparation raised my accountability and my commitment level.  Know that I believe, Polly's Smoking Cessation Program will accurately and successfully address your problem, mindset and behavior.  Remember, you must first be committed to your success!  BTW: I especially loved my "Secret Weapon Suggestion" that will help me love my freedom forever...Daniel Connor Lansing, NC

November 23, 2016