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Successfully Worked Through Major Road Blocks

I had heard testimonies about how effective Polly Humphreys has been in helping people successfully work through major road blocksAnd I'm glad to say, she can add me as another successful testimony.

After dealing with some personal challenges and conflict in the workplace, Polly was able to guide me through these issues. She helped me set practical (and effective) steps to achieve the desired results I wanted.  We were able to successfully work through some major roadblocks; that were causing distraction.

Talk about learning to take charge and building a better self! Polly is one of the best professionals I have worked with. Easy to talk to. Active listener. Extremely welcoming and personable. You can tell she values your time and what you have to say.

I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.  I can see why she's effective at what she does. I look forward to working with her on some other areas of self development!….. Pangshua Riley, Development Officer - Boone, NC

January 10, 2018

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Embrace the Real Me | Life – Career Coaching

Thanks Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  I am grateful for learning how to embrace the Real Me.

While in transition of leaving "the old" - you helped me learn how to lovingly embrace the "Real Me".  I gained a crystal clear understanding of self-sabotaging habit patterns.  (I had always buried my true passions; wanting to lead a "traditional"​ life).

Our Life - Career Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions: helped me creatively transform & embrace the Real Me.  Our strategies and skilled tools helped me overcome previous self-limiting thought patterns: that historically would produce fear and anxiety.

I am truly thankful Polly for your training.  You have helped me to walk boldly, confidently (and EXCITEDLY) into new chapters of my life!....Sarah Behm, Nashville, TN – Financial Analyst

January 10, 2018

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Tailored Coaching Guidance | Success Results

As a career coaching client of Polly Humphreys - I share: she has been a great help to me with tailored coaching guidance.  

Job hunting capability and sustaining confidence wasn't easy for me.  As my Career Coach: Polly continued teaching me how to grow my confidence: be My Best Empowering Self.  Polly’s tailored coaching guidance helped me get mentally clear. Her skilled tools and strategies: helped me manage my emotions and, my expectations.

My work with Polly enriched my personal development so much, that my career success results were life changing. Polly I appreciate the encouraging words you have given me. Thanks for your help in bringing my career back again on track. God is a great helper in all our needs. Thank you again Polly. God bless always....Rosel Tuisco Jr. - IT Business Security - Philippines

January 10, 2018

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Stellar Service | Life – Career Changes

Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond is committed to providing stellar services: she understands what it takes for  life - career change success.  As a professional - she knows her stuff! 

Polly personally understands what it takes for transformation: coaching and hypnotherapy previously helped her experience a life change.  Trust that Polly Humphreys knows how to help bring vital success change about in her client's lives.  Give her a try! 

Ashley McKinney, Psychologist… Boone, NC

January 10, 2018

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Mental Strength Coach | Personal Development

Are you looking for building mental strength? Polly Humphreys is terrific at what she does!  I've been a colleague of hers for many years.  She's proudly one of my early HypnoCoach® graduates.

A wonderful Mental Strength Coach and Hypnotist; (Hypnotherapist): Polly has a true passion and enthusiasm for her client's needs. 

Your success is her success!  Polly Humphreys cares deeply about client's personal and professional development.  Their achievements are important to her.

If you want to meet and exceed your goals in life, at work, and at play -- give Polly a call: 828-504-2003.  Find out how she can assist you on your journey. You'll also find her to be a: great teammate, coach and cheerleader all rolled in to one….. Lisa Halpin, DCH, BCH, CI, OB

January 10, 2018

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