You too can live your dream even through Skype sessions

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With her help, Polly Humphreys guided me into hypnosis.  It was in hypnosis that I got a true understanding of who I was and what I wanted.  My results: hypnosis was a super adjunct to coaching.  It helped me to identify and bring to life, my dormant innate strengths.  She helped me to recognize then lay down my fears and self-sabotaging thoughts from my younger days.  Polly helped me to get clear on what I wanted for my life.  Through coaching and Polly’s professional direction, I learned how to sustain my motivation even when under pressure.  It helped me put an end to former procrastination.  My new found focus has allowed me to concentrate on my goals using clearly defined action steps.  I love that my llife dream is enlarged now.  And as I grow it to completion in real life, I can say, “Polly taught me in hypnosis, how to first live it, in my mind”.  You too, can see it, trust, feel it and, live your dream!  Peter B.. Greensboro

November 28, 2016

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