Combined Hypnotherapy + Life Coaching

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Combined Hypnotherapy + Life Coaching delivered success results for me!  Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond easily guided me into a clear understanding of who I was.  We designed goals that fit my life’s dream.

Hypnosis was a super adjunct to coaching.  It helped me to identify my dormant innate strengths.  She helped me to recognize and release > childhood subconscious fears that had led my adult thoughts and actions.  Via Polly’s professional coaching proficiency – I even learned how to sustain motivation under pressure

Coaching strategies helped me put an end to procrastination.  My new-found focus has allowed me to concentrate on my goals; using my clearly defined easy to follow action steps.

I love growing my life’s dream into completion.  I was very excited when Polly taught me how combined hypnosis + life coaching, could help me first live my life’s dream, in my mind: before it actually occurred in my life….Peter B.. Greensboro

November 28, 2016

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