Polly’s Stop Smoking Program Works!

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Polly Humphrey’s Smoking Cessation – 3 part, Stop Smoking Program absolutely works!  Previously, I had hypnosis with 2 other hypnotist, they did not prepare for obtaining success.  Instead, they just gave me hypnosis.  With Polly’s expertise, she first provided me with an educational portion of her program.  That preparation clearly helped me understand how to use my mind effectively for my permanent success.  Polly taught me, in order to understand how to change my mindset, habit and behaviors in the direction of lasting success, we must grasp how our thinking plays into our successes and also failures.  The preparation section the week before hypnosis with Polly was huge in my success!   Instead of feeling deprived, I felt ready, calm and fully committed to my success.  And because of Polly’s preparation part, I expected to be successful with the 2 hypnosis sessions that I was to receive from her the following week.   My favorite part with receiving her 2 hypnosis sessions was that I also received a physical, emotional and mental replacement for tobacco.  Polly was right; she told me for my success to happen, I must first be willing to commit to my success with stopping smoking permanently.   She taught me how.  Her program is absolutely designed for people’s success.  Well I did it…I know in my heart and in my mind, I am now, a happy, healthy NON-smoker for life.  You can be also!  Tony Clark, West Jefferson, NC.

October 1, 2016

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  1. Rosel Tuico Jr.
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    Hoping to get a job asap. To help my family financially. More good opportunities for me, having my own business soon. Please help me to succeed my goals in life.

    Thank you.

    • Polly Humphreys
      | Reply

      Thanks for reaching out. Your gratifying goal accomplishment is important to me. I will be emailing you today to discuss further.

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