Mental Strength Coach | Personal Development

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Are you looking for building mental strength? Polly Humphreys is terrific at what she does!  I’ve been a colleague of hers for many years.  She’s proudly one of my early HypnoCoach® graduates.

A wonderful Mental Strength Coach and Hypnotist; (Hypnotherapist): Polly has a true passion and enthusiasm for her client’s needs. 

Your success is her success!  Polly Humphreys cares deeply about client’s personal and professional development.  Their achievements are important to her.

If you want to meet and exceed your goals in life, at work, and at play — give Polly a call: 828-504-2003.  Find out how she can assist you on your journey. You’ll also find her to be a: great teammate, coach and cheerleader all rolled in to one….. Lisa Halpin, DCH, BCH, CI, OB

January 10, 2018