Peak Performance Level Elevated

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When I was on the field, I felt hopeless.   It felt like I had a phobia of throwing overhand because my hand did strange things, regardless of what I did.   I felt like I wasn’t in control of my hand anymore when I was on the field.  My pitching coach, ‘Chief’ sent me to Polly because he believed she could help me take back my power, control my thoughts and beliefs including overcoming this fear.  SUCCESS at Backbone Builder: A gradual process via Mental Strength Training with Polly, led to my success of throwing overhand normal again.  I had success with ‘Coach P’ – I regained my confidence in my pitching abilities and mental focus.  I thank Polly for helping me burst through that hard time and believe in my abilities again.  She gave me key tools that led to my break-through that successfully elevated my Peak Performance level outcomes……Client of ‘Chief’ (Billy Gerald, Pitching Instructor), Sanbill Pitching Academy

November 20, 2015

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