Hypnosis Success for Record Breaking Pilot, TV Personality and News Reporter

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As a world record-breaking pilot and award-winning TV Personality, my life requires mental clarity.  Before I met Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond, I had constant chatter in my head.  The mental chatter had become a bad habit and broken record.   My soul was itching to manifest new dreams – yet my mind was ‘stuck on past’. That’s when a dear friend recommended Polly.  Hypnosis proved to be an invaluable resource.

Polly’s expertise made a significant and positive difference.  Her professionalism and kind manner easily guided me on a relaxed journey where I felt safe to explore certain areas of my life. I was always “in-control” and aware of my surroundings.  With Polly’s help I was able to banish my old tired negative polluted thoughts. I replaced my defeating mental chatter with a brand new exciting program.  It featured my new dreams and goals – and seeing myself star in a happy environment.

This visualization aspect of hypnosis worked so well for me; my life changed dramatically.  I had new hope in my heart that has manifested love and prosperity in my life. My first time to Polly was in 2007. Just recently, I went back to Polly for a “tune-up”.  Polly is so exceptionally good at what she does.  She has proven herself a credible gifted hypnotist.  I know, without a doubt, I will continue to reap wonderful benefits from her hypnotherapy.   MayCay Beeler, Greensboro, NC

September 10, 2015

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