Mark stop smoking success story

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WOW! Why did I wait so long to see Polly and become a happy, healthy non-smoker for life?  After many years of being a pack a day smoker I am happy to share, Polly’s smoking cessation program is like no other!  My first session – phase 1, with her included education of how the mind works (its functions in our behavior, beliefs and our thinking) and, preparation phase.  It totally prepared me to take charge of my subconscious mind.  I began making immediate positive, changes in my daily smoking habit (a very effective way of cutting down without feeling deprived).  I like the idea that it helped me to create needed changes in my first week in planning for my 2 upcoming hypnosis sessions the next week.  It also increased my understanding awareness of this deadly habit and effectively generated my desire for full awareness of my subconscious, perceived triggers.  Phase 1 included coping strategies and valuable tools that helped me to take action and HALT ‘mind chatter’.  Phase 2 and 3 (answering questions and receiving hypnosis) were scheduled for the next week.  By the time I came back for my 2nd hypnosis sessions I was already confident and expected complete success.  My 1st of 2 hypnosis sessions went by so fast.  I felt so prepared and empowered because of Polly’s easy manner, her unique prep phase and the education she gave me; helped me feel I was ensuring my success.  

Hypnosis with Polly Humphreys helped me create POWERFUL subconscious images of myself thinking, acting and believing, “I feel calm, pleased, healthy and successful”.   I left there knowing without a doubt, “I am a happy, healthy non-smoker for life”.   My 2nd hypnosis session, was fast, just as easy and, even more powerful.   My Truth: If you are willing to apply yourself and follow the individual plan that she creates with you for your personal success, you can expect to also be free from ALL tobacco products FOR LIFE.  Oh did I mention, you get a 24 page booklet filled with coping strategies and very practical tools.  Be sure to keep it for quick review when needed, as you well know, from time to time life brings unexpected stress and trials….. Mark E.

November 20, 2015

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