HypnoCoaching Success Story

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Whether you are considering hypnosis and coaching as an alternative support, I think you will find Polly Humphreys to be someone you can trust.  I was surprised to find how comfortable, relaxed and in-control I felt as we began working together.


I have to say, I have been extraordinarily happy with our results.  We worked on changing eating habits and behaviors, motivation to exercise, and long-term solutions. Working with Polly, helped me to overcome the “on again – off again” cycle of weight loss and training I had experienced for years.  For the first time, I feel we actually have made changes in my life that are sustainable.


In retrospect, Polly’s time investment in goal setting and learning about specific desires were key to helping us set up a clear roadmap.  The several specific actionable items stick with me months later.  They are just part of who I am now. And my desired behaviors keep happening!   E. Hill…High Point, NC

August 3, 2016

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