I will never “diet” again – now I eat to live

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After observing my friends success with stopping smoking, it was like my mind’s light bulb burned brightly with desire for controlling my eating and my weight.   Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond is a professional with real life strategies and solutions that keep on working.  As my professional guide, Polly helped me deal with issues that seemed to have taken control of me.  In hypnosis, courtesy of my mind’s eye, I got to see what my healthy body would look like.  That truly motivated my self-commitment.  My trust in Polly’s expertise quickly elevated my commitment level.  I am a walking testimony that you can be 17 ½ pounds lighter; and sustain your weight during the holidays.  Regardless of circumstances I have learned to take charge of my mind, my decisions and my results.  I will never “diet” again.  Now I eat to live.  Thanks Polly. M. Deane in Greensboro, NC

November 23, 2016

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