I transformed fear into my motivator

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I sought Polly Humphreys for Personal Success Development Coaching > strategies that would keep on working.  And I wanted Hypnotherapy for breaking through my subconscious road block; I called it ‘fear’.  Polly listened attentively to my needs and desires.  Together we created a plan that fit me just right.  Polly taught me how to successfully take charge of my subconscious mind.  Happily, I converted fear into my motivator.  Now it is like a friend that supports me instead of an enemy!  That was huge for me because our subconscious is about 90% of our total brain.  With the ‘brain muck’ gone – in hypnosis I got an accurate picture of what I wanted my life to look like.  It was like previewing a movie of my accomplished goals that I loved watching.  It feels great to live that life.  Best thing for me – both Polly’s coaching and hypnosis helped me to understand my life’s purpose.  Jeffrey R.

November 23, 2016

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