Hypnosis success – mental focus – passing licensure exam

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I have always had test anxiety; I lacked confidence and focus even though I knew the material. After failing my licensure exam twice, I became frustrated and my anxiety caused more anxiousness.  My graduate professor recommended hypnotherapy to me.  He said it would help me focus on the test material INSTEAD OF, my self-doubts, fears and feelings of being anxious to take the test a 3rd time.  Polly made me feel welcome immediately on the phone and, in her office.  Our session time flew by and I could tell I was more confident.  My test results proved that too!  I did really well on my test, after having received hypnosis from Polly Humphreys.  I’m so grateful for Polly’s services!  Jennifer Keely, Boone, NC

November 20, 2015

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