Hypnosis – Powerful – Life Changing

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Before I came to see Polly Humphreys, hypnosis was foreign to me.  I was unaware of how powerful and life changing it could be.  I went to Polly looking for help with motivation, specifically in school.  My first session was more than I could have imagined.


Each session I walked out feeling more focused and confident than before.

  • My concentration skills skyrocketed. I was finally able to pay attention in class better.
  • Not only did I obtain the skills I wanted to fix, I also grew closer to God.
  • My self-belief and self-worth are now my most treasured traits.
  • I now present myself as the person I always wanted to be, along with being a child of God.

Thank you Polly for giving me the tools to improve myself into someone I admire and respect.  Angela Renzulli…Boone NC and Charlotte, NC

August 3, 2016

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