Hypnosis Eliminates Unhealthy Issue

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I had a life-long battle with weight control.  Like other people, I tried various methods and “diets” and would gain the weight back.  I discovered Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  She helped me discover deep-seated issues I held in my subconscious mind.  These were road blocks to my success with weight loss.  I had tried Hypnosis before, but it was a onetime event with no follow-up.

Because of my visits with Polly, I can tell you, I have a great sense of freedom.  Freedom from cravings and unhealthy relationships.  As Polly says, “I have a right to be happy.”  I am pursing that happiness with a joyful heart.  M. Fowler… Greensboro, NC

August 3, 2016

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