Harnessed Undisciplined Mind | Conquered fear of failure

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My undisciplined mind  and “lack mindset” blocked my success.  Thanks to Polly Humphreys’ life coaching sessions: I harnessed my undisciplined mind.  Now I am free from former frustration.

RESULTS: I stopped sitting on projects until nearly last minute.  She taught me how to use my mind to get a clear picture of what I wanted.  She also helped me raise my accountability level for my action steps.

Guided hypnosis was a game changer for me also.  Hypnotherapy helped me break through outdated subconscious mental and emotional barriers.  With Polly’s guidance and my willingness for success transformation, courage now leads my self-belief victory!

The best part: I conquered my former fear of failure.  Thank you Polly for teaching me how to use my mind with far greater results than I had previously imagined.  Grace… Boone, NC

November 28, 2016

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