Embrace the Real Me | Life – Career Coaching

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Thanks Polly Humphreys at Alternative Wellness & Beyond.  I am grateful for learning how to embrace the Real Me.

While in transition of leaving “the old” – you helped me learn how to lovingly embrace the “Real Me”.  I gained a crystal clear understanding of self-sabotaging habit patterns.  (I had always buried my true passions; wanting to lead a “traditional”​ life).

Our Life – Career Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions: helped me creatively transform & embrace the Real Me.  Our strategies and skilled tools helped me overcome previous self-limiting thought patterns: that historically would produce fear and anxiety.

I am truly thankful Polly for your training.  You have helped me to walk boldly, confidently (and EXCITEDLY) into new chapters of my life!….Sarah Behm, Nashville, TN – Financial Analyst

January 10, 2018