Client Took Back Control from Addiction

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I had suffered over 20 years with a shameful addiction that had consumed my life.  It hurt the one person I loved more than any.  I reached out to Polly Humphreys because, my mind and heart were now locked in symmetry.  I was determined and committed to face my fears and accept my future I desperately wanted.  Polly provided me with a comfortable, trusting environment.  That allowed me to lay everything out for her to help me make the needed subconscious changes.  She was my professional guide that led me to my success!


It was through Hypnosis that I was able to journey to the depths of my inner mind.  It was there I made a truthful stand and took back the control I had so longed for.  Being able to know and vividly experience first-hand, the moment I stripped my addiction of its previous powerful hold over me, is something I will always remember.  G… Asheville, NC

August 3, 2016

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