Sports Performannce Enhancement: Fast Pitch Pitcher Overcomes Fear of Failure

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Our 12 year old daughter has been training with Coach Polly for almost a year now.  My husband and I were referred to Coach Polly for Sports Performance Enhancement by our daughter’s softball pitching coach after continuous struggles in game situations.

It was concluded by her pitching coach that our daughter had a fear of failure and extreme lack of confidence in her athletic abilities during competition.  Within our first two sessions with Coach Polly, our daughter was able to pinpoint what events had occurred that led to her fear of failure and lack of confidence.  ‘Coach P’ has given our daughter numerous tools that she can use; in athletics, and at school as well when she starts to feel scared, nervous, anxious, and for reducing or eliminating fears.

With each session, ‘Coach P’ has taught our daughter how the mind works and problems are opportunities to grow and learn from.  These problems previously lead to extreme anxiety; however now, our daughter knows how to trust herself and use her faith to overcome her fears and obstacles.  The tools given to our daughter to use when she feels doubt starting to creep into her mind are simple and inconspicuous.

Coach Polly at Backbone Builder, has helped our daughter overcome so many obstacles in her young athletic career.  Just four months ago our daughter was not able to pitch an entire inning of a softball game.  She is now, successfully pitching 5 innings and loving the game of softball again.  Thank you Coach Polly for all you have done to help put the smile back on our daughter’s face while playing the sport she loves!     Clayton

September 28, 2015

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