Child overcomes thumbsucking

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I would like to say what a positive experience we had with Polly at Alternative Wellness & Beyond located in Sugar Mountain, NC when we came up to her office from Greensboro.  My 9 year old daughter was having a problem with being unable to stop sucking her thumb.  Her dentist told her if she didn’t stop sucking her thumb by her next visit, she would require a metal device in her mouth to stop this unhealthy problem causing pressure on her teeth; kept them from coming up correctly.  Maddie actually brought up the idea of seeing a hypnotist.  We found Polly’s office to be lovely, very relaxing and inviting.  Polly spent a lot of time helping my daughter get comfortable with her and the process of what they would be doing to bring about desired success.  She answered all our questions.  During the hypnosis segment of her session, we sat outside the open door so we could easily hear and peak in.  Polly empowered my daughter discussing her inner strength and helped her to understand (and believe) she was in control of her actions and, her decision to stop sucking her thumb.  We are thrilled with the results she had with Polly.  Maddie successfully stopping sucking her thumb.  A great bonus from hypnosis with Polly: Maddie also overcame fear of heights, being on/in lakes and oceans and conquered her former fear of being around bees….. Mother, Debbie Erickson, Greensboro, NC

November 20, 2015

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