Athlete’s Softball Success Story

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Polly Humphreys’ Mental Strength Training (M.S.T) has been instrumental to our daughter Betsy’s progress to the next level in fast pitch softball.  Since working with Polly, Betsy’s batting average has increased greatly.  Results: from average of .175 per tournament play, to an average of.500 per tournament.  Polly used varied skilled M.S. T. reinforcement techniques: hypnosis, visualization, breathing control and coaching strategies. These led to great improvement also in Betsy sustaining mental focus and emotional control for each tournament.  Bonus: These have carried beyond softball into her daily life.


It is a relief to know that “Road Blocks” that potentially can get in our way of reaching our goals can be overcome.  Polly Humphreys and her program can help us overcome these blocks so we can continue on the road to success.  Thank you Polly!  Caroline and Wes Ingle ….Conover, NC

August 3, 2016

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