Interactive Hypnotherapy Approach Success Story

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Interactive Hypnotherapy Approach via Face Time is very effective.  I was successful long distance!

I sought Polly Humphreys’ Interactive Hypnotherapy Approach when I lived in N.C.  Our in-office sessions with Polly’s  professional guidance worked very well for me!  My success was a BIG relief; as techniques elsewhere had been far less helpful previously.

After relocating to Colorado, I contacted Polly several years later.  During our long distance free consult, phone conversation: we discussed possible options and solutions that fit my needs just right.

We combined Life Coaching with an interactive Hypnotherapy approach.  I’m happy to say: my Face Time sessions success quickly erased any concerns I initially had.  I quickly stopped wondering if Face Time would actually work from Colorado. I’m proof Life Coaching and Interactive Hypnotherapy Approach via Face Time can be successful with Polly.

in my opinion, Polly Humphreys’ professional solutions > skilled tools > and expertise  helped me be successful twice. That’s why I highly recommend her services.  Session Success does happen both in her office and, via Face Time…………Gary Amos, Colorado

February 1, 2018