Successful People Who Were Once Rejected

Successful People Who Were Once Rejected



Yes, even incredibly successful people have failed before their success was accomplished.

My intention in this blog is to help you find your inner courage & resurface your dreams.


Find out what actions were taken by successful people like Oprah who failed forward

Successful people like Oprah Winfrey and Vera Wang both made an intentional decision to failed forward into success accomplishment.  They refused to quit!

  • FIRST they got mentally clear; using time tested success principles that directed their path from a clear vision lens.
  • Essential mental skills helped them overcome potential obstacles far easier.
  • Believing they were not meant to live a mediocre life they learned diverse powerful strategies to shine light on + propel their vision.

I tell my clients, “It’s time to remove the mental + emotional clutter.


Knowing what to do heightened self-accountability = faster goal accomplishment

Applying full commitment helped them understand self-accountability.  Processing self-accountability is vital for reaping faster success accomplishment.

Oprah and Vera = successful people learned quickly how to overcame setbacks.  Their:

  • Dedication to developing and owning a success mentality was vital in their goal accomplishments.
  • Successful vision became far more important than excuses / fears that subconsciously popped up frequently in their mind.

Successful people grasp: Mental Clarity must come BEFORE achievements.

Before these successful people became extraordinarily successful, they realized: their potential victory required: they grasp how to take control of their thoughts, emotions and concerns.

Yes!  Despite initial rejections – being passed over – even fired, they learned and used, proven strategies and tools specific to their needs.  They:

  • Got clear on what they wanted to achieve.  Knowing how to shift their thinking helped them define what they wanted.
  • Grasped: controllable vs uncontrollable life situations.  They understood internally what worked & didn’t work previously.
  • Advancing the basic understanding of how to use their mind effectively, taught them how to turbo power their vision


Professional guidance value: trusted ‘respectful accountability

Having a trusted coach with expertise can teach you how to use your mind most effectively.  They should:

  • Care enough about you, to hold you, “respectfully accountable”.  They will help you take steady, ongoing affirmative action steps.
  • Help you recognize when a thought | goal plan strategy | idea, needs tweaking.

These bonus advantages of professional guidance support will short circuit disappointments of wasted time.


Your clear mind is the first key step in positively changing your life’s results

First successful people know where you are going – what they want to achieve as goals.  Does that describe you?

As a Personal Development Coach still helping individuals create success results for nearly 20 years, I will help you:

  • Get mentally clear first.  Clear communications and assessment tools/exercises will help us understand where you are | where you want to go | the feel of what that will look & feel like
  • Develop your plan that fits your needs; solid strategy – action steps fervently driving long lasting goal accomplishment


So you can now leave the frustration behind.  We will learn what is causing you to currently feel stuck.  Imagine feeling free.  Done with: self-sabotaging /limiting patterns | habits | beliefs.  It feels incredible to know that you are going to achieve success.

Fine tuning your road mad with power action steps from our personally designed toolbox is exciting & fun together!  

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 Lets tap into a winning transformation process that takes the lens off restrictions!

At Alternative Wellness & Beyond: our personal development success results process makes decisive decision making a joy.  Go ahead and give me a call or email me now.  Let’s explore in a stress free conversation: how you can generate lasting success results; far quicker.

Expect to generate your dreams far faster than you ever imagined.  I care enough about your potential achievements  to share: “Absolutely refuse to repetitively mentally replay “the state of the economy story” or “life’s past or present turbulence story” in your mind.  I am happy to share with you why I say that.

As a former client I understand inner courage and how to resurface your dreams.  I encourage you to take your dream out of the closet like my clients.  Its time to get seriously committed to living your life and the dream(s) that you desire.


I will help you turn over necessary ‘stones’.  Leave none un-turned!

I passionately love helping my clients give life empowerment power to their dreams and visions.   


To change your results and live your dreams, you must get crystal clear on what you want in life.  Success requires that you understand how to use your mind precisely.  You must grasp how to permanently stop using the same limiting thinking in order to get different results! 




About the author

Polly Humphreys is a Personal and Professional Development Coach helps clients get fast success results.  For nearly 20 years she has been teaching individuals advanced strategies that define their dreams and goals.  They live a life they love. 

Like you, she too has overcome multiple disappointments and failures.  Polly shares, “To change your results and live your dreams, you must get crystal clear on what you want in life.  Success requires that you understand how to use your mind precisely.  And you must grasp how to permanently stop using the same limiting thinking in order to get different results”. 

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