How the Most Successful People Handle Burnout

How the Most Successful People Handle Burnout

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There are two types of people in the world: those who believe that they have the capability to make things happen and those who wait on circumstances to make things happen for them.

Individuals who belong to the first group are convinced that their success lies on their own hands, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. The second group have a “happy go lucky” approach. They just sit around and wait to get lucky.

The first group of people, according to a study made by University of Florida psychologist Tim Judge and his colleagues, are considered as “The Empowered.” They are the most successful and based on the results of their research, persons who belong to such group (1) sell more than other employees, (2) offer better customer service, (3) adjust better to new assignments and (4) take home an average of 50% to 150% more in annual income.

What makes successful people different from those who belong to the second group? A survey conducted by TalentSmart showed that 90 percent of people who belong to the “empowered” group know how to manage their emotions when they feel burnt out. They remain cool, calm and able to do what needs to be done.

All of us experience burnouts at some point in our lives. Numerous studies point out that some stress can also be healthy for us. It helps us perform at optimal levels. However, if we do not know how to manage our stress the way successful people do, we can suffer serious psychological and physiological consequences. So how do “The Empowered” manage a burnout? Here are some of what they do:

Successful people practice gratitude.

Many of us overlook the power of gratefulness but cultivating the value of gratitude is a psychologically proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps you develop and maintain a positive outlook in life. When you have a more positive outlook (and lower stress levels) you can easily overcome and avoid a burnout.

They remain positive no matter what.

Staying positive when circumstances are fine is quite easy, but when you are faced with a lot of challenges, it seems almost impossible to do. Do not be fooled! Remaining positive no matter what is POSSIBLE, and it is what successful people do. They see failure as opportunities for growth. When a problem comes their way, they look for lessons that they can learn from instead of wallowing and stressing out. Maintaining a positive outlook is a popular and proven tool against burnouts. Affirmations work for some people but if they are not exactly your thing, you can try reframing your negative thoughts. If you find yourself entertaining a negative thought, try adding, “What I can learn from this is…” Even just being aware that you are stuck in negative thought can already help you drive it away.

They take care of themselves.

Successful people know that they must take care of their best asset – themselves – to continue being successful. This is why they practice healthy habits like getting enough hours of sleep, limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption, having regular exercise, and switching off from technology periodically. Being overly tired, hopped up on chemicals like caffeine and alcohol and constantly glued to our digital devices puts our adrenal glands into overdrive. These practices raise our stress levels through the roof and increases our risks for burnouts.


Successful people are able to keep the “bigger picture” in view when they feel burnt out. They focus on the “why” rather than the “how.” For instance, when they experience burnouts because of their jobs, they do not focus on why they have to work hard for what they want (how). They focus on the reason why they have to be diligent in their jobs, which is perhaps to provide well for their family, to attain career advancement or to put their potentials into good use. By doing so, they can rise above their burnouts and continue pursuing their desired goals.

HypnoCoaching™ for Burnout.

HypnoCoaching™ is a powerful way to conquer burnouts. When negative self-thoughts arise, this more powerful method of coaching can help you stay on track by promoting spirited visions of yourself. You feel more confident and in control. HypnoCoaching gives you foremost priceless tools for building confidence; a “ready and able attitude” to handle the different challenges whether they are related to your career or personal life. It also teaches you to look past the mental clutter that you have in your mind when you feel anxious or stressed out. This allows you to keep your focus so that you can work continuously towards success.

How do you overcome burnouts? Do you handle them effectively, or do you feel that you need help? I would love to hear your desired success thoughts and help you create an action plan that generates “the how” and insight for success in your life! Phone: Call us at 828-504-2003 or e-mail us at

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