Stress Management | Stress Trap Breakthrough

Stress Management | Stress Trap Breakthrough

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Stress management: a precious gift to self.

Polly Humphreys confesses openly: “Like so many people, I once didn’t understand stress management.  In fact: I once felt guilty scheduling regular time for me.  Conquering fear based stress gave me the gift of authentic happiness”!

Before I was a professional, I was an actual client; I felt stuck in life.

Life coaching and hypnotherapy are amazing powerful skilled methods.  I chose them for quick natural stress management.

  • Hypnotherapy offers the bonus of quickly identifying and eliminating the stress source.
  • Life Coaching gave me skilled tools.  Like an artist’s blank canvas: I got to create unlimited possibilities.
  • Nearly 20 years now, I love helping individuals value themselves
  • It’s easy with my professional guidance.  Easy to use stress management skills are gratifying and lasting.  They fit your life just right.

Reaping ultimate goal of living a balanced life.  Benefits:

  1. Balanced time management > lower everyday stress: at work > relationships > relaxation and FUN! 
  2. Stress Management Bonuses: Resiliency under pressure!  Meet challenges head on with bold confidence!
  3. Happiness and quality of life without alcohol, tobacco or drug dependency.

Give yourself the gift of stress management today.  Start practicing healthy time management quickly.

Consider giving yourself the gift of effective stress management techniques.  STOP stress from ruling your life!

  • FACT: Most people don’t have effective coping strategies.
  • I love teaching effective stress management techniques!
  • It’s pure joy and FUN teaching people how to: take charge of their lifestyle, emotions, thoughts!

My expertise is solutions and breakthroughs.

Refuse to feel or stay stuck!   And if you know what you want, but don’t how to generate your goal(s): it’s VERY likely I will be able to help you successfully achieve your goals.

Lower stress naturally.  Step-by step customized plan. 

Free Consult and Appointment Options: Skype, Phone, In-office. 

  • Click here for email request: relaxed free consult.  Polly will share with you how you can absolutely, take control of your emotions, thoughts and habits quickly!
  • Phone: 828-504-2003

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Click here to learn more about how Polly Humphreys helps individuals cultivate stress management and inner joy as a dedicated lifestyle.

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