Worry is Optional: Developing Emotional Regulation

Worry is Optional: Developing Emotional Regulation


Worry far less: learn how to recapture your inborn, fun & curiosity.

Worry and natural fun curiosity both require intentional reflection.

Studies show: most adults have forgotten the playful side of themselves.   One reason adults stress far, too easily is: they poorly develop emotional regulation.


Molly helps us remember: worry is optional.

Inside this blog learn childlike lessons from Molly my former 7 year old client.

Worrying unfortunately keeps us from using our innate sense of curiosity.  At age 7, even Molly understood: “worrying doesn’t help”.

  1. Learn how I helped Molly and her mother tap into creative inborn playfulness; to reduce worry.
  2. You must desire to worry less – before stress looses it’s power over you.
  3. Imagination / hypnosis / visualization can absolutely lighten anyone’s stress load.
  4. Adults can re-learn how to infuse imagination with playfulness.  Emotional self-awareness helps us “get unstuck”.  I help individuals unlock their fears.


Meet Molly

Per Molly’s mom: “Molly is a naturally curious child.  She recently, suddenly stopped being curiously playful.

Normally Molly spends a great deal of time with her invisible play friends “Curiosity” and “Wonder Woman”. Now she seems sad”.

During Molly’s first coaching session she asked me: “Polly, why do parents spend so much time feeling worried?

Mom now seems stressed out all the time. Dad isn’t home much any more. My parents should be in here.

Can you teach them to be a kid again? To play with me like they used to”?


 Learning to be a playful kid again

One of Molly’s favorite memories was playing with Mom and Dad. She exclaimed: “And I miss being with them on Grandfather Mountain’s swinging bridge”.

During play time in our coaching session, Molly gave me powerful answers during ‘game time questions’.


Play more: Worry less

Molly was ready to use her “Power Mind” (subconscious mind) to tap into play.

She liked the idea of returning to her playful natural curiosity.  She liked the idea of helping her Mom stress less about recent sadness.

Molly also liked the idea of calling in her friends: “Curiosity” and “Wonder Woman”, her favorite hero, to help her feel better.

  • She understood we could use her wonderful gift of imagination through a special play time.
  • Visualization success during hypnosis is a powerful technique to increase feelings of self-efficacy and control .

Her mother greatly appreciated that: with my professional guidance > Molly’s habit of “sad – worry” which once controlled her, could now be powerfully controlled by Molly.


Molly gets“Rock Solid happiness”

Sitting in my office’s “Magic Chair” – in excitement, Molly quickly closed her eyes to enter subconscious play time.

Following my gentle guidance, Molly breathed life into my guiding words:

“Molly imagine with Wonder Woman standing next to you, as you both now breathe in the incredible fresh air there on Grandfather Mountain’s swinging bridge. If you’d like – let it flow everywhere into your body that would like to feel happy. (Pause)…You are doing great!  Keep noticing the sun shining brightly.  And what else you seem to see through your clear eyes.  It feels so good on your body. (Pause)..Will you give me the yes nod from your head when you and Wonder Woman feel all that happiness?”

In seconds, Molly’s head “yes nod” appeared.


Grounding visualization exercise

Molly had tapped into her subconscious mind quickly. In her imagination: she saw herself standing on Grandfather Mountain’s swinging bridge; in her powerful “Wonder Woman” pose.

While in this natural altered state, Molly’s smile reflected her Super Hero’s smile. Molly almost instantly tapped into reuniting with her child-like natural curiosity.  She felt joy again.

With a BIG smile on her face, Molly exclaimed, “Oh its good to be here again, swinging on this bridge. The sun is shining. I see  houses out there; lots of flowers below. Look Polly, there’s an eagle in the BIG green pine tree.  Wonder Woman and I are waving to Mom and Dad down there. This feels soooooooooooooooooo good! I want to teach Mom how to do this.”


Molly teaches her Mom how to experience calmness when stress arises

Molly’s short hypnosis experience was very powerful. Molly broke through sadness. As she tapped into her natural playful curious, subconscious mind > she successfully unleashed her innate creativity.

She asked me: “Can I open my eyes now and go get Mom?  Let’s teach her how to feel strong like Grandfather Mountain. It feels calm; like when Pooh eats honey out of his bee hive – he feels so happy!”

I answered: “Absolutely. First lets come back to my office chair from our happy mountain experience. Then you can get Mom. I’ll help you teach Mom how to feel less stress and more joy. And if you want, you can remind her to find her “Super Hero” any time she wants to feel happy”!


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